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Welcome to Nodycast!

Nodycast is a new podcast with an exclusive focus on dynamic systems. Since this term encompasses all natural and man-made objects we hope to cast a wide net and explore this wonderful topic. The podcast is intended to convey and share the excitement we the dynamic system researchers have with the community. It is especially focused on exciting and energizing junior researchers in addition to giving them authoritative information and guidelines for future exploration. Since the podcast is pure audio it will be accompanied by shownotes that list links to resources such as notes and papers that will enable the listener to take a deep dive into this exciting subject. Your suggestions are welcome. Please send them to Dr. C. "Nat" Nataraj. You may want to learn more about Nat, the podcast creator and host, by clicking here.

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The first two episodes deal with modeling and dynamics of the COVID pandemic. The next two episodes are on controlling chaos. Stay tuned - we are just getting started and plan to release a lot more episodes in the coming months. By the way, your suggestions for episode topics are most welcome.