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Episodes 5 & 6: Nonlinear Developments in Mechanics

These are the fifth and sixth episodes of Nodycast, the podcast on nonlinear dynamics. Here, we discuss the development of nonlinear dynamics with particular reference to mechanics. Enjoy a lively conversation with your host, Dr. C. Nataraj (Villanova University, USA) and Prof. Giuseppe Rega. Prof. Rega is Professor Emeritus at Sapienza University in Rome, Italy and is a prolific and noted scholar with many publications in nonlinear dynamics. His work ranges over a number of diverse areas including structural mechanics, controls and exploiting nonlinearity. In this episode, we discuss the history of nonlinear dynamics, the current state of the art as well as possible future directions. We laud many current developments but even complain about some gaps! The discussion is split into Parts 1 and 2.