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Episodes 3 & 4: Chaos Control

These are the third and fourth episodes of Nodycast, the podcast on nonlinear dynamics. Here, we discuss chaos theory. We have an expert panel: Dr. Celso Grebogi (University of Aberdeen, UK), Dr. Laura Gardini (University of Urbino, Italy), Dr. Stefano Lenci (Polytechnical University of Marche, Italy) and your host, Dr. C. Nataraj (Villanova University, USA). We discuss the history of chaos theory, significant developments, chaos control, unsolved problems, intersection with different fields such as machine learning, Special Issue of the Nonlinear Dynamics journal, etc. Also discussed are suggestions for possible research in the future. The conversation is quite broad and even wanders into areas such as literature, history and philosophy!

Here are additional links to the papers by the panelists and other fun stuff.